Future of Culter - Your Views

We want to hear what you think about the future of Culter

The next revision of the Local Development Plan is under way.  A number of sites have been nominated, and we are very keen to hear your views on these sites.  Which do you want to see developed, and which do you want to see kept as they are?

You can see the proposed sites on the map. Click on the map to see a bigger version.

At this stage, it’s about which sites are best for housing and such.  There’s not yet any detail on designs or layout within the sites.

Please tell us which sites you think should be developed, and which should not, by filling in the survey below.

Completing the Survey

We will not publish your name or address. We need your name so that in the event of a challenge, we need to be able to prove to the Council that each comment is supplied by a different person.

For each item please tell us what you like about the proposal, or why you think it isn’t the right thing to do, or what would need to be included or resolved to make development acceptable. The more we understand the reasons, the easier it is to make the case for supporting or objecting to the site.

You do not have to express an opinion on all the items. Just fill in the ones you wish to comment on and leave the others blank. 

Please give us your feedback by the end of November 2018.

Tell Us What You Think

B0902 OP52 Malcolm Road (Housing)

B0903 West Craigton Farm (housing)

B0916 Craigton (Housing)

B0922 Land at West Craigton (assisted and affordable housing)

B0928 Land West of Malcolm Road (Housing)

B0934 Kennerty Farm (Housing)

B0935 Newmill (Housing)

B0938 Lovers' Walk (Housing)

B0945 Shepherd's Retreat ('glamping' - tourism)

B0946 Malcolm Road (Housing)

What does all this mean in English?

The Local Development Plan (LDP) sets out what has been agreed by the Council as appropriate use of each piece of land – housing, or Green Belt, or business use, and so on.

The next revision of the LDP will be 2022.  The process of developing this next revision includes a Main Issues Report (MIR), and the draft is due to be published early in 2019.  The Council has requested input for the MIR, which included proposals from people seeking to develop land.