Latest news on road closures etc to affect Culter from now to the end of the year.

A93 & Milltimber Brae junction – expect changes of route and traffic lights at times through to around end of September. Detail: we have just got the traffic orders for weekend closures, first Milltimber Brae, then North Deeside Road (with diversion via Bellenden Walk and the new Station Road bridge). These are to tie in the ends of the bridges so that they can get both into service (probs around end-July) and then destruct the temporary works and form the permanent junction between NDR, Milltimber Brae and the AWPR junction

Milltimber Brae/South Deeside Road – expect re-routing of South Deeside Road under the new bridge between July and end of the year. Detail: they have just poured section 6 each side of each pier of the Dee bridge, out of 18 sections. Once the bridge grows further, but before it starts to grow over the South Deeside Road, traffic will be diverted close to the bridge pier (under the newly-built bit of the bridge) so there’s no traffic on the permanent road while they are building the bridge over the top. The South Deeside Road will be a bit wrigglier for that period, and the temporary traffic lights will be used as and when

A944 Westhill-Kingswells junction – expect some traffic management to around end of July. Detail: works to complete are the junction itself, then minor structures, side and access roads, drainage and utilities

A90 & B979 Netherley Road junction – expect major traffic-management measures through to around end of the year. Detail: A90 reduced to one carriageway, contraflow as they replace the bridges over the Netherley Road down into Stonehaven. The southern half of the old bridge has been demolished. Beams for the much-longer new bridge (to allow for 4 lanes underneath rather than the current two lanes) expected to arrive next week; when the bridge is completed the one open carriageway of the A90 will be moved onto it, and the same replacement works conducted on the northern carriageway. The slip-road onto the A90 southbound is now in use, so no need to traipse through Stonehaven any more. This phase of works doesn’t really affect us, using the Netherley Road. Once the new A90 bridges are complete, they will form the new roundabout to feed the AWPR (replacing the current T-junction between the northbound slip-road, the road into Stonehaven, and the Netherley Road) and the widening from the roundabout under the new bridges for the junction with both slip-roads on the south side of AWPR. This later phase of works will affect the Netherley Road

The entire AWPR is forecast to be open by the end of March 2018 provided they don’t get another Storm Frank or similar.