Walks Around Culter

There are many lovely walks in and around Culter

Please download our map and enjoy exploring the area

In addition you can enjoy Lovers’ Walk with our Audio Tour

All official Core Paths are also documented on the Aberdeen City Council website.

The map is also available as part of the Culter Explorer leaflet which has been distributed to every house in Culter in paper form or you can download it here.

Lovers’ Walk Audio Guide

Enjoy Lovers’ Walk with the help of this free audio guide!

This requires a free App called “Echoes” which you can load on to your smartphone or tablet. Scan the QR code or click the link and it will direct you to the “Lovers’ Walk” link and a link to download the Echoes app.
You don’t need to do the whole audio-guide at once – but dip in to see what stories there are along the route. It will automatically use GPS to locate where you are, or you can download the complete walk before you leave home and turn off the autoplay feature to listen to the audio at whatever “Stop” you want. You can find other walks around Culter with the “Culter Explorer” leaflet available through the Culter CC. This walk is 2km/ 1.miles.