Culter Community Council Planning Sub Committee reviews planning applications which apply to the area and where appropriate makes representations to Aberdeen City Council.

June 2019: We want to hear what you think.

Proposed new development at 244 North Deeside Road

The idea is to re-develop the land between the charity shop and the private driveway to the east.  The proposal is to build two small shops by the pavement with 7 flats above, and move the parking for the shops from just off the road round to the back of the new flats (same sort of idea as the parking round the back of the Co-op).

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Current Planning Issues

November 2019 – Planning Application for Dog Hotel

The formal planning application for dog boarding kennels at Oldtown Farm is now open for us all to comment upon.  We are aware that residents are often concerned about the potential noise from boarding kennels. The application number is 191717. Erection of dog...

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Planning Application for “Dog Hotel” at Aberdeen Pet Resort

A planning application for a ‘dog hotel’ at Aberdeen Pet Resort (Tillyoch) is now open for us all to comment upon. The application number is 181460. Use of existing stable building as a dog hotel with associated alterations including the installation of windows; doors...

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Major House Building Application for Culter

The big news is that there is a potential Major Application on the cards for Culter.  An application has been put in to build up to 150 homes for retirement and special-needs residents for the site on the west side of Culter on the old mill tips reached via Corneyhaugh Road and The Shoddy, both off Malcolm Road.

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November 2017 – Notification of Major Housing Development

  Notice has been received of a Proposal of Application Notice for a major housing development for a site in Culter as designated in the Local Development Plan. Please see the linked document and map which shows details of the proposal. As this is a major...

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