Culter Community Council (CCC) held their monthly meeting on Tuesday 8th February 2022 and the following highlights were among the items discussed. Full minutes will be available on this website in due course.

  • The Police have reported 2 incidents this month, an egg was thrown at a member of the public, and of youths congregating behind the sports centre. There were no reports of acquisitive crime. They remind parents of the importance of knowing where their youngsters are. The Police acknowledge that it is a minority of young people causing trouble. Speed traps led to a number of motorists caught travelling at excess speeds on Malcolm Road and North Deeside Road. A warning was given about the number of scams catching people out. There will be an article in the Courier and in our Facebook page on how to avoid being taken in.
  • We were informed that the Tillyoch Pre-Determination hearing has been delayed, as the Council Planning Officers need additional information to complete their report.
  • The Gala committee are appealing for volunteers, to join them in the planning stages, but also to help with the heavier logistics of pulling off this popular event, badly missed for the past two years. If you can’t help maybe you know someone who can!
  • The three storms this winter have caused at least an extra year of extra work for Aberdeen City Council. There will be an extra budget to outsource tree clearing. Discussions are underway to prevent future power outages.
  • It is planned to have an outdoor event as a thank you to everyone in the Community who gives their time so unselfishly, possibly to coincide with the Queens jubilee. There will be trees planted in the village to commemorate the occasion.
  • Union Terrace Gardens work is nearing completion, it is hoped that there will be a partial opening mid March.
  • Email  your opportunity to contact us on any issue important to you. If we can’t help we will contact the appropriate person who can.
  •–2022-2025–consultation/ if you have spare time, please take the trouble to participate in this important consultation on the Aberdeen health and social care Strategic Plan. This sets out how services will be delivered up to 2026.
Culter residents are reminded that they can attend meetings by contacting all dates are on the website or on the back of the Culter Courier.