Culter Community Council met on Monday 9th May. The following is a summary of some of the items discussed. Full minutes will be available in due course.

  • Congratulations were offered to Duncan Massey who attended our meeting on his first day as our Councillor, and to Councillors Malik and Boulton who were re-elected
  • Police sent a report, in the last month there have been two incidents of vandalism, a car damaged in Craigton Crescent and a fire set in the parkland behind the health centre. The public are encouraged to report any unacceptable behaviour. A bicycle was stolen in Millside, once again a reminder to secure property and remain vigilant.
  • A predetermination hearing is set for the proposed Tillyoch development on 1st June. Two Culter Community Councillors will attend to present an overview of Culter CC representation and to answer questions from the Planning Development Management Committee.
  • There are grants available to help in the recovery after Covid. Ideas are sought to determine areas where financial help would be beneficial, whether to local businesses, groups etc.
  • The first community clean up took place on Saturday, fairly well attended with some new faces. Thanks to everyone involved. A means of safely disposing of broken glass is being looked into for the next one.
  • The ongoing problem of inconsiderate and illegal parking was discussed. City Wardens are thin on the ground but it is hoped that the threat of fines will deter repeat offenders. Please be mindful of the safety of others.
  • A crowd funder is to be organised to finance a repair to the path to the war memorial and improve drainage down the hill. It follows the success of the lovers walk repairs. A grant has been awarded from the common good fund by Aberdeen City Council of £4000 the remaining £3000 will be fundraised. Nicol of Skene are to undertake the work.
  • After two years with no Gala we are delighted to be back. Find our Marquee near the entrance to the field from the Mill Club. Please give us a visit, your opportunity to chat about your ideas on how to keep Peterculter the caring and inclusive Community it is.