Culter Community Council met via Zoom on Monday 10th January. The following is a summary of items discussed. Full minutes will be available on this website in due course.

  • The public consultation on the proposed Tillyoch housing development is open until 24th January.  Click on Planning portal and then type Tillyoch or 211699 in the search field.  If the IT gremlins are being unhelpful, you may need to register (right-hand button on the banner). On the Application Summary page, go to the Documents tab if you want to see the proposals and the comments made so far.  If you want to comment on the proposal – whether you are against it, in favour of it, or want to see changes made – go to the Comments tab.
  • Police Scotland requested information relating to a break-in on Malcolm Road (3/4th December) and damage to a garden fence in Johnston Gardens East (4th December). Reports should be made using the 101 number quoting the Incident Number and date this was raised (1127/4th Dec for Johnston Gardens East & 2372/8th Dec for Malcolm Rd).
  • Dog poo on the streets in Culter is an issue – it has even been seen near the school.  Please scoop the poop and put the bag in a bin.  You can use any council bin, not just the red dog poo ones.
  • We plan to hold the Gala on Saturday 28th May, the first time in 3 years.  The Gala is a wonderful way of bringing the village together and having fun.  The Gala Committee needs help to make it happen.  In particular they need help from strong, fit people to set up and take down the equipment.  If you can help, please contact Ann Wakefield on
  • Funds are needed to repair the War Memorial path.  We will explore the possibility of council funding.
  • Kirk Brae in Cults has been closed since Storm Arwen due to fallen trees – it is due to re-open this week.
  • The work on Union Terrace Gardens in Aberdeen is almost complete and it will re-open in early spring.