TSB has just announced that it will be reducing the opening hours of the Culter TSB to Mon , Wed and Fri 09.30-13.30 and 13.30-16.30. This will be from July. The following is an extract from their statement:

“As you are aware, our customers use banking services in different ways and the way they bank continues to change. That is why we try to adapt our offer with our customers and remain focused on offering brilliant service however a customer chooses to bank. We are determined to make significant efforts to keep branches with low footfall open by reducing opening hours. This is part of a concerted effort to reduce costs so that we can protect our physical presence.

Customer usage of our Culter branch has been decreasing and has dropped by 3% over the last year. In addition, 84% of customers also use another branch, digital or telephone banking to access TSB services. Rather than close the branch, we are reducing opening hours which will mean that from the end of July the Culter branch will now be open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 09.30-12.30 and 13.30-16.30.

We know the important role branches play and therefore the days the branch is open have been selected to coincide with the times the branch is busiest. If a customer needs to access a TSB branch during a time in which TSB Culter closed the nearest branch is in Aberdeen Mannofield which is 7.9 miles away. Customers also have access to our digital and telephone banking services and can complete many personal banking tasks at the local Post Office.”