Faster broadband: I’m pleased to say that faster fibre broadband is now available (finally!) to those served by Cabinet 4 in Culter. This serves Johnston Gardens, part of Dalmaik, part of Hillview Road, The Bush and Crombie Circle. This has been delayed by over 2 years mainly due to red tape around where to site the cabinet and a dispute over the permissions and the land ownership.
To take advantage of the increased speeds you need to contact your broadband company and request to be transferred to the new service. This may result in an increase or even a decrease in cost!
The actual speed you receive will depend on how far away from the cabinet you are which is situated close to the bus turning point in Johnston Gardens.
Please let the Community Council know if you have been told you currently can’t take advantage of faster broadband as there are still pockets around the area which have not been upgraded for various reasons. It would be good to get a complete picture of where these areas are and the reasons they cannot be upgraded.